Fee for 50-minute individual therapy session:

  • $100 before 5:00pm/ $120 after 5:00pm

Fee for 75-minute couple or relationship therapy:

  • $150 before 5:00pm/ $170 after 5:00pm
  • After couples have “de-escalated” sessions may be shortened to 50 minutes and charged 50 minutes rate


These rates are subject to occasional adjustment.

Late Cancellation/ No Show Policy

If you do not cancel at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged the full cost of the session.  Exceptions are made in cases of extreme emergency (ex. hospitalization).

Fee Adjustment

If the fee is too expensive, please inform me, and I will do my best to work with you.  Options can include having fewer sessions per month, shortening sessions, group sessions, a reduced fee under certain circumstances, or referral to another practitioner.

If a reduced fee is agreed upon, it will be adjusted upwards as your financial situation improves.


The best way to find out what your insurance will pay for is for YOU to call the number on the back of your insurance card.  They will not give me that information because it is a breach of confidentiality.  YOU can inform them:

  • You want individual, couples therapy, or both
  • Skye White is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist under the supervision of John McConnell (PSY 10673)
  • The zip code for Skye White's office is 92103

I will bill your health insurance on your behalf but…

  • I will collect payment directly from you, bill your insurance for you, and your insurance sends payment directly to you.
  • When payment is collected at each session, a visa on-file is easiest but checks or cash work too.  Then on your behalf, the billing program can send an electronic invoice to your insurance company, and a copy will be sent to you.  The process is done the second week of each month for the prior four weeks.
  • You are responsible for reviewing what is sent to your insurance company to make sure it is correct.  If the insurance company does not pay because of errors in how the forms are prepared and submitted, you are still responsible for paying the full fee. I accept no liability for miscommunication with your insurance carrier.
  • Your insurance company may or may not pay you back in full what you have paid Skye White.

To find a provider who is in your insurance plan's HMO or PPO: